Sunnuntai / Sunday 15.3. 18:00 Orion

Dragon Inn 3484 × 2271

KAVI: Dragon Inn


King Hu, Taiwan, 1967, 111 min

King Hu, the grand old man of wuxia started a sword fighting film boom in the 1960s with Dragon Inn. The film offers outstanding and stylish action scenes that are highly influenced by Chinese opera. A must-see for all film fans.

National Audiovisual Archive

Tickets from the Orion theater or www.kavi.fi.

Get a ticket for the KAVI’s club card price 5€ (normally 6.5€) by showing your Helsinki Cine Aasia voucher at the Orion box office, including the March 8th screening. Discount is not valid online. The voucher cannot be used to pay for the ticket.

The screening is part of a Wuxia films series at the Orion theater from March 5th to 15th 2015.