Lauantai / Saturday 14.3. 21:00 Bio Rex

Sunnuntai / Sunday 15.3. 15:00 Andorra

On the Job 4288 × 2848

On the Job

Erik Matti, The Philippines, 2013, 121 min, 18

A scruffy but stone cold hitman completes his job with an apprentice at his heels. A reward for both is some money and a day off, but after that they must return to prison. An ingenious system that has high political ties and sets several characters on a crash course. On the Job is extremely hard-hitting, engrossing and stylish, but at the same time provides a revealing look into human nature and life in Manila.

Jenni Peisa


TAKE NOTE! This film’s screening location has changed.

On Saturday 14.3. On the Job will be screened in Bio Rex at 9 PM. In spite of these changes, the original tickets will be valid at the perfomance.

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