Lauantai / Saturday 14.3. 14:30 Dubrovnik

Sunnuntai / Sunday 15.3. 17:15 Dubrovnik

Small Garden 1921 × 1081

PIA Film Festival Presents

PFF was established in 1977 as a competition for beginner and independent filmmakers. It currently supports filmmaking with its PFF Scholarship Program. The 2014 edition is presented in this selection of films.

Eija Niskanen

Niagara (ナイアガラ)

Chie Hayakawa, 27 min, PFF Grand Prix, HDCAM

Niagara, the term for cascading form of fireworks symbolizes the narrative structure of this film.

Day of the Kaiju (怪獣の日)

Kazuhiro Nakagawa, 30 min

Nakagawa gives kaiju, the classic topic of Japanese commercial cinema, an indie treatment. Authorities’ notion of safety promises a critique.

Small Garden (小さな庭園)

Shunsuke Saito, 12 min, animaatio, HDCAM

Birth of life, creation of a small universe, in animated images.

Rappa (乱波)

Yuji Nakajima, 5 min, animaatio, HDCAM

Ninjas jump, run and do all the marvelous actions we know ninjas can do.

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