Lauantai / Saturday 14.3. 12:00 Andorra

Sunnuntai / Sunday 15.3. 19:30 Andorra

Uzumasa Limelight 4544 × 3024

Uzumasa Limelight


Ken Ochiai, Japan, 2014, 103 min

Kamiyama has dedicated his life to the art of dying, always there but never in limelight. However, because of the waning popularity of jidaigekis, Kamiyama is faced with the decision of giving up his sword. Before that he decides to train young Satsuki with his never-ending dedication, turning the shy extra into a spirited sword princess. Uzumasa Limelight, it turns out, is a true spectacle of both spirit and swords.

Leena Eerolainen

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