Dragon Inn 3484 × 2271

Wuxia action classics at Orion

Helsinki Cine Aasia and the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) are collaborating to bring to the Orion a mini-series of historical action films from the Chinese speaking world known as ‘wuxia’.

King Hu, the genre’s grand old man, worked in Taiwan in the 1960s. His 1967 film, Dragon Inn (Long men kezhan) took the genre to new artistic heights.

Dragon Inn will be screened at Orion on 8 and 15 March. These screenings are part of the official Helsinki Cine Aasia 2015 programme. We will be showing you the stunning 4K restoration of this once phenomenal hit.

Other films in the wuxia mini-series include the best of the genre from Hong Kong in the 1980s and 1990s. Films such as A Chinese Ghost Story (Sinnui yauman, 1987), A Terracotta Warrior (Qin yong, 1989) and The Bride with White Hair (Bai fa mo nu zhuan, 1993) are insprired by Chinese mythologies. They mix ghost stories and romance to action, creating a unique combination which the audiences in Helsinki now have a once-in-a-life-time chance to see on the big screen!

For more information please visit the KAVI website. The wuxia mini-series begins on 5 March.

Tickets for the screenings of Dragon Inn at Orion on 8 and 15 March can be bought from Orion or online. Helsinki Cine Aasia voucher holders can purchase discounted tickets in person from Orion. Discounted tickets cannot be purchased online. Helsinki Cine Aasia voucher cannot be used to pay for the discounted tickets.

Ticket price: 6.50€ (with discount 5€)