2030 5000 x 2324


Nước Nguyễn-Võ Nghiêm-Minh, Vietnam, 2014, 99 min It’s the year 2030 and Southern Vietnam’s farmlands have been flooded by rising sea level. Trying to make a living off the sea, Sao’s husband gets killed. The trail leads to a big corporation’s plant laboratory above the sea, and to Sao’s old fiancé. Past events reveal the […]

Antonym 4928 × 3264


螺旋銀河 Natsuka Kusano, Japan, 2014, 73 min Trendy and competitive Aya and nerdy and shy Sachiko form an unlikely partnership in order to work on the script of Aya’s radio play. Gradually they are drawn into an odd bond. Winner of the Grand Prix at SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival. Eija Niskanen Please note that […]

Black Coal, Thin Ice 3872 x 2497

Black Coal, Thin Ice

白日焰火 Diao Yi’nan, China/Hong Kong, 2014, 109 min A misfortune with a case involving dismembered body parts and the breakdown of his marriage have sent former detective Zhang’s life into a slow downward spiral. Similar cases five years later, however, arouse his interest as he gets closer and closer to the elusive woman connected to […]

Chicasaki Story 1920 × 1080

Chigasaki Story

3泊4日、5時の鐘 Takuya Misawa, Japan, 2014, 90 min An homage and reworking of Ozu’s themes and styles, Chigasaki Story creates a sunny human relations drama in a traditional seaside resort. Chigasaki Story is one in the line of recent independent films co-produced by the actress-producer Kiki Sugino. Eija Niskanen Notice, when buying 5 or more tickets, […]

Coming Home 1421 × 900

Coming Home

归来 Zhang Yimou, China, 2014, 108 min Master director Zhang Yimou returns to the tragic tales of the casualties of China’s recent history. A loving couple is reunited in their later years after years of forced separation during the Cultural Revolution, but find it heartachingly hard to achieve the life they have always dreamed of […]

Dragon Inn 3484 × 2271

KAVI: Dragon Inn

龍門客棧 King Hu, Taiwan, 1967, 111 min King Hu, the grand old man of wuxia started a sword fighting film boom in the 1960s with Dragon Inn. The film offers outstanding and stylish action scenes that are highly influenced by Chinese opera. A must-see for all film fans. National Audiovisual Archive TICKETS FOR DRAGON INN […]

Fires on the Plain 3840 × 2160

Fires on the Plain

野火 Shinya Tsukamoto, Japan, 2014, 88 min, K-18 Shinya Tsukamoto’s latest film is a remake of the 1959 anti-war film of the same name by Kon Ichikawa, based on the classic novel by Shohei Ooka from 1951. Tsukamoto brings hellish visions of war destined to be lost on the screen. Eija Niskanen   TAKE NOTE! […]

Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere 1272 × 778

Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere

Đập cánh giữa không trung Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp, Vietnam/France/Germany/Norway, 2014, 103 min Sensible girl Huyen has gotten herself into trouble by getting pregnant. Having to find a solution and not being able to rely on her rascal of a boyfriend, a suggestion from her ladyboy roommate starts to seem like the best option. Her journey […]

Fuku-chan of FukuFuku Flats 5184 × 3456

Fuku-chan of FukuFuku Flats

福福荘の福ちゃん Yosuke Fujita, Japan, 2014, 110 min Fuku-chan is a popular and friendly guy, who has taken it as his task to settle the relations of his neighbors in the run-down FukuFuku Flats. One day Chiho, a woman with whom Fuku-chan had something going on when they were still at school arrives at FukuFuku Flats. […]

Garuda Power 1200 × 800

Garuda Power – The Spirit Within

Bastian Meiresonne, France/Indonesia, 2014, 77 min, 18 The history of Indonesian cinema is full of over-the-top action and baffling bloody special effects within genres ranging from magical legends to Hong Kong and Hollywood rip-offs. Familiar to all Indonesians, the controversial film material is abundantly used to go through the development of the Indonesian film industry […]

The Last Reel 1296 × 730

The Last Reel

Kulikar Sotho, Cambodia, 2014, 106 min A young woman recreates the history of Khmer cinema. A wonderful homage to the heritage of Cambodia’s film history, the film is a sign of a new generation of filmmaking starting in Cambodia. Eija Niskanen Notice, when buying 5 or more tickets, it’s cheaper to buy a voucher first […]

The Liar 2256 × 1500

The Liar

거짓말 Kim Dong-myun, South Korea, 2014, 95 min Glitter and glamour seem to form Ah-young’s life circles. In reality her only connection to it is a nurse job at a beauty clinic. Consumer society with all its trappings gets a sharp view in this awarded drama. Eija Niskanen Notice, when buying 5 or more tickets, […]

On the Job 4288 × 2848

On the Job

Erik Matti, The Philippines, 2013, 121 min, 18 A scruffy but stone cold hitman completes his job with an apprentice at his heels. A reward for both is some money and a day off, but after that they must return to prison. An ingenious system that has high political ties and sets several characters on a […]

Small Garden 1921 × 1081

PIA Film Festival Presents

PFF was established in 1977 as a competition for beginner and independent filmmakers. It currently supports filmmaking with its PFF Scholarship Program. The 2014 edition is presented in this selection of films. Eija Niskanen Niagara (ナイアガラ) Chie Hayakawa, 27 min, PFF Grand Prix, HDCAM Niagara, the term for cascading form of fireworks symbolizes the narrative […]

Red Family 1500 × 843

Red Family

붉은 가족 Lee Ju-hyoung, Etelä-Korea, 2013, 99 min Kim Ki-duk scripted and exec produced this drama on a proper and middle-class family and their rowdy neighbors. The former, perfect family turns out to be a bunch of North Korean spies, just posing as a family. But what happens when the cover act gets to be […]

SHIFT 5616 × 3159


Siege Ledesma, The Philippines, 2013, 81 min Estela is a pretty redheaded call center agent, who falls in love with her gay workmate Trevor. Social media provides a way for their deepening affection, but it sure will be a bumpy ride for Estela. Colorful urban cityscape provides an intriguing background for Ledesma’s debut film which […]

The Heart in the Mandala 1920 × 1080

Spotlight on Bhutan

Yonten gi Kawa Ugyen Wangdi, 1999, 36 min The Heart in the Mandala Dechen Roder, 2013, 38 min The Red Door Tashi Gyeltshen, 2014, 15 min The ‘Spotlight on Bhutan’ section shows three films representing the relatively short history of Bhutanese cinema, which in recent years has received acclaim at international film festivals. In many […]

Uzumasa Limelight 4544 × 3024

Uzumasa Limelight

太秦ライムライト Ken Ochiai, Japan, 2014, 103 min Kamiyama has dedicated his life to the art of dying, always there but never in limelight. However, because of the waning popularity of jidaigekis, Kamiyama is faced with the decision of giving up his sword. Before that he decides to train young Satsuki with his never-ending dedication, turning […]